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Let your child experience a FitKid session, first class is free so why not contact your local FitKid Instructor for class information.

Find your nearest FitKid Instructor and contact them directly for more details on their classes. 

Learning the joys of exercise as a child is a vital skill that enables children to become healthy, confident adults. At FITKID we ensure that children enjoy themselves so much, they keep coming back for more.

With so much concern over child fitness and obesity, FITKID have the perfect answer to providing healthy fitness classes that are great fun. Children's energy can be channeled into activity that will give them confidence and improve self-esteem.

Years of experience in providing training together with interactive exercise classes gives FITKID an edge over its competitors.


  • Healthy heart, bones and muscles

  • Highly qualified instructors and expert tuition

  • Learning a valuable life skill

  • Increased confidence, self esteem and ability

  • Access to unique exercise programme

  • Fun Fitness Exercise based around play

  • Social fun in a caring environment

  • Membership of club and insurance

Classes are run in the following:

  • Local schools

  • Village and church halls

  • Sports and Leisure centres


"Be aware of imitations in the market. There are many and they are not us!

For the mark of quality and originality, look out for our Trademark!


Anyone not using our trademark is not in any way connected with the ORIGINAL FITKID organisation!, please forward information on these companies to us at

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