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FitKid - Fun fitness for a healthier future !


FitKid is an exciting fun fitness session for children from 18 months to 12 years. Our
activities assist parents by teaching children how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle at the same
time as learning key skills for sport.

Learning the joys of exercise as a child is a vital skill that enables children to become
healthy, confident adults.


At FitKid we ensure that children enjoy themselves so much that they keep coming back to FitKid.

With so much concern and media interest over child health and obesity, FitKid has the
perfect solution to this problem by providing healthy fitness classes which are great fun.

Our activities are fun based which we see as the key for the primary age child who wants
to learn through having fun. We have children who have attended FitKid sessions for over
200 classes and have received awards for their achievement. Proving retention of children attending our classes as they are fun and engaging.

FitKid has been working in local schools, nurseries, health Clubs and external venues to
encourage children to be active while having fun basing our key development on multi-skilled activities to help the children improve their skills for sport and benefit their health at the same time. We offer classes, parties, holiday clubs and fun events to children around the UK.


The FitKid team have also recently undertaken the Ageless Grace Educator training course.

It’s a great product to add on to your FitKid offering, enabling you to teach Mind and Body Activities to all ages.

Ageless Grace is a fitness and wellness programme created by Denise Medved. The
programme consists of 21 simple exercise tools designed for all ages and abilities.

These exercises, based on everyday movements that are natural and organic, focus on the healthy longevity of the body and mind.

The 21 tools have creative, imaginative names, so they are easy to remember. They are
simple to do at home. The movements are designed to be performed seated in a chair, yet they can be done on a bed, standing near or behind a chair, down on the floor, or standing. Almost anyone can do them, regardless of most physical conditions.


To find out more, contact FitKid for details on the next training courses for both FitKid and Ageless Grace. Find out more a 'Why join our team'

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